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Men’s Health

Many males suffer from urinary difficulties related to prostate enlargement and other conditions of the bladder and urinary tract. It’s estimated that as many as 50% of men will develop some urinary symptoms due to enlarged prostate as they age. These symptoms can often times have profound effects on a man's quality of life.

Along with urinary difficulties, erectile dysfunction (ED) can negatively affect a man's identity and confidence. Some estimates suggest mild to moderate erectile dysfunction can affect 10% of men per decade of life (50% of men in their 50’s, 60% of men in their 60’s and so on). This is not a disease that you simply have to live with.

While urinary difficulties and ED are conditions we frequently address, there are many more men's health issues that we can solve. We also treat low testosterone, infertility, kidney stones and an array of other urologic diseases. We pride ourselves in taking a comprehensive view of your health and developing a plan tailored to your needs, including the most current treatment options available. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Listed below are some of the many conditions we treat.

Common Conditions We Treat


Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) is a condition related to prostate enlargement. Up to 50% of men will develop BPH as they age. Typical symptoms include slow urinary stream, getting up at night to urinate, urinary urgency, and frequency during the day. Treatment either medical or surgical can result in improved health and quality of life. We offer a wide array of surgical options, including the UroLift® procedure performed in the office, more traditional procedures like TURP, and even advanced robotic procedures to help with more severe BPH.

For more information on BPH and the UroLift procedure, please watch Dr. Gus Harb’s presentation: https://youtu.be/m2KO-20euNs

Visit the UroLift website for more information.

Curious about a current patiet’s experience with UroLift? Check out this short testimonial from Greg!  https://youtu.be/pWs8_q31t6M

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can have a significant impact on a man’s overall wellbeing. Many conditions can cause ED. Some estimates suggest mild to moderate erectile dysfunction can affect 10% of men per decade of life (50% of men in their 50’s, 60% of men in their 60’s and so on). Treatment options can be medical or surgical. If generic medications are prescribed, our onsite dispensary can fill them, often at a lower cost than your regular pharmacy. We dispense both oral and injectable medications. When medical treatment is no longer working, we can offer surgical intervention with inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP).

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone may affect as many as 40% of men older than 45 years of age. Symptoms include low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, decreased muscle mass, fatigue and difficulties with concentration. We offer on-site testing for testosterone and other labs necessary to make the diagnosis and for convenient ongoing monitoring. We provide multiple treatment options for testosterone replacement.


Vasectomy is a safe and effective method of birth control. It is a brief one-time office procedure that provides permanent contraception. Approximately half a million vasectomies are performed in the U.S. each year. Vasectomy involves blocking the tubes (vas deferens) through which sperm pass into the semen. We offer comfortable suites where you can watch TV while having your procedure. We are the leading vasectomy provider in the Quad Cities area, having performed thousands of vasectomies in a caring and professional manner.


Infertility is a common condition, with many couples suffering at some point in their lives. Male factors can contribute in approximately 40% of cases. We offer screening and treatment for common causes of male infertility including anatomic, genetic, and hormonal conditions. In collaboration with Spring Park Surgery Center we offer microsurgery for varicocele and vasectomy reversal. We work closely with female infertility specialists so that you will be presented with all of the options for treatment.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stone attacks are so painful that they can prevent you from working or doing the activities you enjoy. We offer prompt evaluation to get you pain free and back to doing what you love. Our ambulatory surgery center, Spring Park Surgery Center, offers a complete array of kidney stone treatments including extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) and laser lithotripsy. Lithotripsy is the process of breaking up stones into fragments so they can pass through the urinary tract. Spring Park Surgery Center is the only site in the Quad Cities region that has an onsite ESWL.

Our surgeons have flexibility in determining which treatment is best for your kidney stone. Most stones can be treated on an outpatient basis, without the need for expensive hospitalization or ER visits. Furthermore, once your initial kidney stone has been treated, we have experts in stone prevention that can work with you to help decrease your risk for future recurrences.

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